This comic is updated daily, although it is updated with the strip that was written the previous year. Each comic is done in one go with a pen and a prayer.

Audry Without An E originally started while I was in college. As a design major, every project took ages to complete, so I often felt like I had not accomplished anything at the end of the day. The idea to start a daily comic came about when my housemate Brennan and I got into zines and comics. I got my hands on a copy of Ben Snakepit’s daily comic aptly called “Snakepit” and was inspired to take the 3 panel approach to my own daily comic. Completing a comic each day felt like a victory.

I drew the comic consistently for two years and spottily for a third. The comic saw me graduate from college, get several different jobs, and eventually move back home. Ironically, writing the comic every day eventually began to perpetuate the very problem it was intended to solve; I felt unaccomplished each day that I didn’t manage to keep it up. It became clear that the comic had served its purpose and it was time to quit.

Fast forward a few years: After getting married, I began to realize I had lots of little stories that I wanted to remember. It was time to draw The Comic again.

Audry Without An E has seen many different changes and phases of life, but the current iteration is a daily, slice-of-life comic about Audry (me!) and my husband Connor.