The Regulars

Audry is the author of the comics. She is mischievous, competitive, and married to Connor.

Connor is Audry’s loving husband. He often gets lost. His philosophy is that it isn’t a problem if you forget something, it’s only a problem if you remember it again.

Audry’s Mum, the eternal optimist, and her Dad, the eternal pessimist, balance each other in the most amusing ways. Her brother, Christopher, enjoys antagonizing Audry, and she is just as happy to antagonize him back.

Scooter is Audry’s best non-human friend. He lives with her parents and has been grumpy at Audry ever since she got married.

Guest Appearances – Family

Audry’s Oma grew up in WWII Germany and has more stories than there are stars in the sky. She lives with Audry’s aunt and uncle. Aunt Janet and Uncle Brent enjoy quilting and working on their homestead with each other. They are the glue that holds the extended family together.

Connor’s large family lives in Kentucky. His mum, Debbie and dad, Jeff, are always up for an adventure whether it is traveling or on their farm. Jeff’s mother, Mamaw lives with them and has a soft spot in her heart for little dogs. Debbie’s mum, Mema, lives down the road on her own farm and is a wiz at finding arrowheads on the ground. Connor also has a brother, Mason, and a sister, Annabel, who is married to Will. There are also Connor’s many cousins: Keenan, Logan, Julie, Amy, Jason, Lukas, and Coraline as well as his aunts and uncles: Sara, Doug, Brooke, Darryl. Everyone lives near each other, which Audry loves because she’s never had enough relatives to play a volleyball game with.

Guest Appearances – Friends

Elaine, Jay and Nova are Audry’s (and now Connor’s) friends from church and their daughter. Elaine has fantastic insight and Jay is a wiz kid. Nova is a tiny dictator.